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powerDRAW is the premiere well schematic drawing program for the oil & gas Industry. It is the most complete, corporate-wide, downhole schematic drawing solution available on the market today. Designed with engineers, salespeople, field operators, and office staff in mind, powerDRAW.net is the total drawing solution for your entire company. Whether for proposals or well records, powerDRAW.net enables everyone involved in well schematics to be on the same page.

With the powerDRAW add-on application, Microsoft Visio is transformed into a powerful drawing tool that allows users to create the highest quality detailed well schematics available. While providing a professional representation of your company, powerDRAW’s automation and intelligence saves you time, and money.

Relying on programs that add-on to spreadsheets is problematic as they are not drawing programs. AutoCAD is expensive and hard to use for sales and field staff. powerDRAW allows all users to quickly and easily create either traditional vertical or advanced horizontal wellbore schematics.

PDD File Format

To manage your powerDRAW Drawing Files go to the Add-Ins tab as shown. Use the buttons in the group on the left side to open new drawing templates; existing drawings; or to save and save/as your working drawings.

Do not use the File Tab Save & Open on the far left!

PowerDRAW uses its own file format, .pdd. This allows Windows Explorer to handle powerDRAW drawings separately from Visio drawings. What this means, is that it is much easier to find and open powerDRAW drawings via the Windows Explorer.

If you did happen to use the File Tab to save your drawing, they will have been saved as .vst files. If you try to open these .vst files from Windows Explorer, you will get an error message stating they are corrupt. They are not corrupt and can be opened from within powerDRAW using the Add-Ins tab > Open powerDRAW.net Drawing button. Change the file extension type in the browse window to recognize ‘All Visio Files’ and then go to the folder where you saved these files. Open them and resave using the powerDRAW File Management commands as .pdd files.

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New Feature: Select All Tools

Working with groups of tool icons is one of the most common tasks in powerDRAW.net. Most of the other group commands require you to select a group of tools. Frequently, you will work with the entire tool string.

The Select All Tools  enables you to do just that, very quickly. It also allows you to either exclude Casing icons, or include them in the selection. This works well for commands such as the Snap-to-Top or the Snap-to-Bottom, where selecting Casing would not make much sense.

powerDRAW.net Select All command

The Select All Tools command provides a quick and easy method to select tool icons so that you may then apply another command to them.

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Auto Number Balloons

The Auto Number Balloons command allows you to quickly and easily number any group of tools, from all the tools on the page, down to a single tool. It allows you to choose the order, ascending or descending, as well as the starting number. This flexibility allows you to quickly renumber any selection of tools any number of times.

First, select the tool icons that you wish to number, then click the Auto Number Balloons   button to open a dialog box that allows you to choose the settings. To number the tools using to default settings, just click OK or hit Enter.

Your preference for Top-to-Bottom, or Bottom-to-Top can be set via the powerDRAW.net Options command.

powerDRAW.net Auto Number Balloons command

The Auto Number Balloons command provides a quick and easy method to number your tools in sequence.

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Insert/Delete Product Details

Both the Insert Product Details and the Delete Product Details commands work on any number of tool icons. If no tools are selected, the Delete Product Details command will allow you to delete all the rows from the Product Details table.

How to: Insert Multiple Product Details

  • First, select the tool icons that you wish to insert the details for, then click the Insert Product Details   button. powerDRAW.net will automatically insert one line for each tool at the bottom of the table.

How to delete Multiple Product Details

  • First, if you want to delete specific rows, select those rows using the Ctrl+click mouse button command and then click the Delete Product Details   button. In the dialog box that appears, select if you wish to delete the Selected rows or All the rows.

The Delete Product Details command only affects the tools and table on the current page.

powerDRAW.net Insert Product Details command
Inserting Product Details.

powerDRAW.net Delete Product Details command
Deleting Product Details.

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Copy Page

The Copy powerDRAW.net Page command allows you to duplicate any page including all the contents and make an exact copy. You may choose any source page from the dialog, as well as give the new page any name you like.

Click the Copy powerDRAW.net Page  button on the powerDRAW.net toolbar. Select the page to copy and enter a name for the new page, or accept the default name. Depending on the complexity of the page, it will take from a few seconds, to a minute or two to copy.

powerDRAW.net Copy Page command
Copy powerDRAW.net Page dialog box.

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Set Page Size

The Set Page Size command allows you quickly and easily set the size of the current page without hunting around in the Visio Page Setup dialog. This dialog lists the most common page sizes for well diagrams.

Click the Set Page Size  button on the powerDRAW.net toolbar. Select the page to copy and height and width of the page and click OK. The page will resize and the data tables will resize to fit the page.

powerDRAW.net Set Page Size command
Set Page Size dialog box.

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You start a powerDRAW.net well schematic diagram by opening a template. A template opens all the stencils to the left of the drawing page. The stencils contain the tool icons you need to create your diagram.

The templates can be, optionally, customized with your own corporate logo and your own layout.

Template Overview

The powerDRAW.net templates provides layouts for both standard well schematics,
as well as, multiple string schematics.

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Stencils and Shapes

After you open a template, you drag shapes from stencils onto the drawing page to create your diagram. The powerDRAW.net shapes are "smart" — meaning they have built-in behavior that makes sense for well completion diagrams. Thus, we call them Smart Tool Icons.

Think of Smart Tool Icons as Visio shapes that have been turbo-charged for creating downhole tool diagrams.

Screenshot of the powerDRAW.net stencils and icons

Stencils contain shapes that you drag onto the drawing page to create a diagram.

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Smart Tool Icons

powerDRAW.net Smart Tool Icons:

  • Automatically snap to the tool-string grid.
  • Include box/pin connectors that allow tools to be quickly assembled into a tool-string.
  • Include an automatic Balloon that allow items to be quickly numbered.
  • Product Details text that can be quickly inserted into a diagram to identify each tool.
  • Will work with both Single string and Dual string configurations.
  • Include optional tool specific settings, such as, showing a tool in Running and Set positions.

powerDRAW smart tool icons

The powerDRAW.net smart tool icons are designed to make drawing
well completion diagrams as easy as possible.

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